Harold Rosen

Vera (604-228-1461) (verae@brockhousesociety.com)


8 Tuesday afternoons – 1:00 to 3:00pm – September 20 to November, 2016


Brock House Society, 3875 Point Grey Rd, Vancouver, BC V6R 1B3 (www.brockhousesociety.com)


about $90 Brock House membership required… see:brockhousesociety.com/membership/new-member/

Course Description:

In this course we explore the lives, thoughts and deeds of 8 outstanding women of history. Their spiritual radiance, intellectual brilliance and moral courage overcame the barriers of their patriarchal cultures. They were provocative and influential reformers who could not be ignored or overlooked. Two were martyred, each wrote and spoke with power and eloquence, and in due course, all were officially or unofficially beatified. They shared a mystical, visionary and futuristic bent, but also made significant social impact in their own turbulent times. Their lives span over 2500 years, and range from West to Middle to India. We will examine their relevance to current religious, social and spiritual concerns. An informal lecture-discussion format will be used, with about 5 pages of handout material for each session.

Session 1 – Introduction to Mystical Literature, Srimala of Kosala: Teacher of Universal Light

Session 2 – Hypatia of Alexandria: Philosophical Martyr

Session 3 – Rabia of Basra: Sufi Saint & Poet

Session 4 – Hildegard of Bingen: Earth-Centered Theologian

Session 5 – Mirabai of Rajasthan: Devotee of Divine Love

Session 6 – Teresa of Avila: Guide to the Interior Castle

Session 7 – Tahirih of Persia: New World Visionary & Martyr

Session 8 – Barbara Marx Hubbard: Conscious Evolutionist