�If There is One God, Why are There So Many Religions?�
� exploring beliefs about the existence and non-existence of God in relation to the family of world religions.

�Are Spirituality & Religion the Same?�
� an exploration of the ways in which spirituality and religion converge and diverge in today�s world, and an attempt to identify the healthiest forms of both.

�Humanity�s Spiritual Evolution�
� an overview of three traditions and their dovetailing toward unity: a) the Revelatory Tradition (major religions), b) the Hidden Wisdom Tradition (mysticism), c) the Scientific Tradition.

�The Meeting of East & West�
� comparing �Western� religions (of Middle Eastern origin) to those religions originating in India and the �Far East�, as well as a glimpse of their interdependence.

�The Challenge of Unity Among Religions�
� exploring the ways various faith-communities view each other, how they differ, and how they are essentially one.

�The Challenge of Unity in Our World�
� exploring the most significant �disruptive� and �integrative� forces in today�s world, along with some glimpses of emerging global governance.

�Beautiful Character, Beautiful World�
� exploring the question: �Is personal growth in the moral-spiritual arena enough to bring about a peaceful, just and creative world?�

�Hope for Humanity�s Progress�
� investigating the evidence that humanity �progresses� in stages, dispensations and cycles.

�Humanity�s Purpose: A Multifaith Perspective�
� exploring inter-scriptural guidance about personal development and collective direction.

�Is History Going Anywhere?�
� attempting to identify and name the direction humanity is going, based on the patterns in history and evolution.

�What is Civilization?�
� an investigation of what might be common to those extensive forms of social life called �civilizations�.

�Ancient Prophecies & Today�s World�
� examining the extent to which ancient prophecies from many traditions may point to developments in the last two centuries of world history.

�Science & Religion as Complementary�
� an attempt to identify both the distinctiveness and interdependence of science and religion.

�The Part of God We Can See�
� exploring nature, the mind-soul, scripture, religious history, and revelatory founders as evidence of the divine reality.

�The Four Realms: Natural, Human, Revelatory, Divine�
� common scriptural teachings about the natural world, the human condition, the spiritual world, and the divine mystery.

�The Afterlife: A Multifaith Perspective�
� what major religions teach regarding: �What happens after we die?�

�What is Revelation?�
� exploring the interpretations and basic content of the World�s Scriptures.

�Christ & Baha�u�llah�
� common patterns in the lives and teachings of these two Saviours.

�Buddha & Baha�u�llah�
� common patterns in the lives and teachings of these two Enlightened Beings.

�Muhammad & Baha�u�llah�
� common patterns in the lives and teachings of these two Messengers of God.

�Chinese Thought & the Baha�i Faith�
� points of overlap and divergence in Confucian, Taoist and Baha�i teachings.

�Native Spirituality & the Baha�i Faith�
� points of overlap and divergence in Medicine Wheel wisdom and Baha�i teachings.

�Discovering the Significance of Baha�u�llah�s Revelation�
� a personal testimony.